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Global warming:
blame something else!

What is causing our planet to heat up too much? Well, it is our sun.

Our earth moves around the sun in a weird way. Depending on how close we get to the sun, the hotter it gets, simple as that.

A guy named Milutin Milankovic stated that because the earth moves around the sun in this weird and complicated ways, we will have hot and cold cycles, depending on where we are relative to the sun.

Right now we are in a hot period end, and heading into a cold period (not that cold mind you, the whole world won't get covered by ice).

So, everything moves in cycles. Day and night (in hours), summer and winter (in months), hot and cold periods (in thousands of years).


Ok, so we have hot and cold cycles, but why do we have an increase in carbon dioxide then?

Many people think that carbon dioxide causes global warming (read our section Blame the Humans!), but according to these studies, it is quite the opposite. Put it simply, earth sometimes get too close to the sun (Milonkovitch cycles) and heats up a little and this heating is causing the levels of carbon dioxide to increase. Read more proof on cause and effect of increased carbon dioxide levels..

Proof and facts summary:
BBC News: What happened to global warming? October 9, 2009

wikipedia - Earth Movements. - how our earth moves around the sun
wikipedia - Milankovitch Cycles - hot and cold cycles explained in detail
Cause and effect of Carbon Dioxide - does carbon dioxide cause more heat on earth, or does more heat on earth cause more carbon dioxide?


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